My must have skin care


My personal experience with skin care (experienced) 

After working in several Plastic Surgery offices, I have tried just about every product out there as far as serums, and creams, etc. I posted earler my favorite brand is Skin Medica I really believe in their TNS line. I also use the Lytera. For moisturizer I think the Obaji is the best if you can afford ZO by all means that is an excellent product as well. During the day I use Teoxane by Alphaeon for moisturizer. I believe ZO makes the best skin polisher ( the blue jar) its imperitive to get the old skin off and let the serums penetrate into fresh skin. I also use Retin A twice a week to keep my skin feeling tight and fresh. I have sensitive skin so that is my max dose. I can say that my skin absolutely glows from the TNS serum and I find other ways to cut corners. I know you can find these products on Amazon or Ebay for a fraction of the retail price.


Author: sllew777

I am a lover of all quality products, as a 41 year old woman ( single mom) I want to look and feel youthful. I love a great deal but quality is important to me. I am going to share all the products and items, I can't live without. I am the go-to girl for just about anything so hopefully I can share some of what I have learned or just my style in general. I grew up in Northern CA then moved to LA for some time and now I reside in Las Vegas. Thats my story 😊 Cheers

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